All reservations need to be completed before day of event.

(See FAQ below)

Painting for Saturday, July 21st

*If you prefer the image to be traced onto the canvas, please contact us prior to the event.


♦ Events are every Friday and Saturday night from 7:00pm - 9:00pm.

♦ Events are $30 per person

♦ Everything is included in the price except refreshments. Aprons are on site as well.

♦ Seating is limited to (24) so please book in advance to guarantee seating.

♦ You may show up to the event up to an hour early to choose seating and prepare drinks/snacks. 

♦ If booking rental space, please call us at (252)622.8625 for further information.

♦ If in need of cancellation, a rain check will be offered. Seating is non-refundable.